Stud Females

Yulgilbar advocates a balanced assessment criteria for cattle selection. This combines visual appraisal for structural soundness, temperament and overall conformation; prudent use of raw measurement data - eg frame score, weight,daily weight gain, actual scrotal measurements, eye muscle area and fat scans. Selection of extremes should always be treated with caution. Yulgilbar supports the Santa Gertrudis classification system. Santa Gertrudis group breed plan provides estimates of breeding values that are also of assistance in making choices. Single trait selection for any characteristic is believed to be dangerous and lacks balance in any breeding program. Use of a combination of the many available “tools” for selection in the industry today is valuable and allows the discerning cattle person to be far more informed about their livestock selections than previously before.

Gene star technology (MVP) is now also beginning to provide us with some surety of particular prudent gene markers that will assist with meat eating quality and feed efficiency. Identification of such “markers” is certainly ground breaking and moves the cattle industry forward in terms of technological advances.

All females, stud and commercial are pregnancy tested annually and all empty females are fattened and sold for slaughter.